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Join a Committee
Join a committee to celebrate literacy!  Reading Connections needs volunteers from the community to serve alongside board members, staff, and students.  The following are committees you could join to help advance the provision of literacy services.  To join a committee listed below, simply contact us!

Programs and Outcomes
This committee is responsible for ensuring that we provide evidence-based programs to our students.  We need you on this committee if you have expertise in reading instruction, learning disabilities, tutoring, staff development, training, or program evaluation.  You would serve in an advisory capacity to the agency staff.

Resource Development
This committee oversees the fundraising components of our work.  We organize and conduct several fun events with other community partners, such as Barnes & Noble.  Join us for an event lasting just a few hours to a longer term project such as SCRABBLE®. 

Ask us to speak to your civic, community or faith-based group.
Would you like to learn more about literacy in Guilford County?  Is your group interested in becoming tutors or volunteers?  Call (336) 230-2223 or contact us to arrange for a speaker.

More, More, More!
If you have creative ideas for other ways to help Reading Connections and improving Guilford County literacy, please contact us today!