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Scrabble Challenge 2009
9th annual Scrabble Challenge held April 7, 2009.
1st place (team): for the 2nd (3rd? 4th?) time - Anderson Contractors! Kathleen Quinby, Gary Anderson, and Scott Bost
2nd place (team): GTCC team Lottie Neal, Judith Graves, and Cynthia Lewis
2nd & 1/2 place (it's a long story): Team Lipscomb: David, Tom, and Jason
3rd place winners (team): The word nerds! Carla Morgan, Karen House, and Susan Vickers
1st place (individual) Elizabeth Stiles and staff member Micah Guindon. This is Elizabeth's 2nd year winning the tournament.
2nd place (individual) Andrew DeVoid - 2 years running!
3rd place (individual) Daisy Holliman with staff member Micah Guindon
Dan O'Connell, Bernard Nix, Ann Nix
Eric Fisher, Irving Crump, Matt Fisher
Tori Mc Neil, Shereeta Mason, Kaye Ward (Lincoln Financial Group team)
Derick Shular
Denise Green, Pete Van Schaack
Emily Wright, Joe Vatalero, Kevin McKnight
Tutor Andrew Young
Daisy Holliman, Andrew Young
Donna Redmon
Lauren Ethridge, Amy Greensfelder, Ted Deligianis
Karen Watts, playing for Senn Dunn insurance
Amanda Wellendorf
Linconl Financial team Tori McNeil, Shereeta Mason, and Kaye Ward
Rob Doerzbacher, Bridget McGrath, board member and tutor Mike Turner
The Word Nerds: Carla Morgan, Karen House, and Susan Vickers
Patricia Lorenz
Leslie Garvin from the NC Campus Compact team
Dan O'Connell, Bernard Nix, Anne Nix
GTCC team: Lottie Neal, Judith Graves, Cynthia Lews
Derick Shular, Scarlett Kitts, Elanna Reiss
Lizz Grubbs, Mike Turner
Emcee Sheekah Strickland from Fox 8 WGHP
Alan Ross, Chris Ross, Neil Matson
Raffle prizes: A new scooter from Scooternerds and a new bike from Friendly Bike
Vanette Block and Jacalyn Bracewell
Georgia Kennedy, Tara Cates, Ann Russ: Trois Belles de la Lettres
Americorps staff member Justin Green with Evans Williams and Alejandrina Dennis
A judge gives a piece of (purchased) advice.
Team Lipscomb
Denise Green and Pete Van Schaack
Emily Wright, Joe Vatalero, Kevin McKnight
Board member Nancy Hoffmann and past board member Linda Anderson