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Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

The office is open some evenings.  Call 230-2223 to confirm the schedule.

Reading Connections follows the Guilford County Public Schools Inclement Weather Schedule. 


Program Schedule

Computer Lab
Our computer lab is open during Reading Connections business hours for self-paced study.  Call 230-2223 for hours in Greensboro.  Call 884-7323 for computer lab hours in High Point.


Programs Overview

Reading Connections is a nonprofit adult literacy agency that provides free and confidential services that help to improve basic literacy skills, self-esteem, community service and leadership skills among adult readers who live or work Guilford County, NC

Our approach to teaching is student-centered which means: 

  • Students are at the heart of instruction.
  • Students use life experience and knowledge of spoken English when learning to read and write.
  • Materials are tied to students' goals, interests, and immediate real life needs.
  • Students are seen as equal partners in the learning process.
  • Students are matched one-on-one with tutors or in small groups based on their needs, goals, and individual reading level.  Reading Connections serves a wide range of students – from those who are non-literate to those who are working towards their GED® (high school equivalency). 

Why do adults come to Reading Connections?  There are many reasons, including:

  • To gain independence
  • To improve job skills to get a new or a better job
  • To read to their children or grandchildren
  • To learn to speak, read and write the English language
  • To prepare for the GED® test
  • To read the Bible or other spiritual materials better

Reading Connections students are learning to do things that many literate adults take for granted, including:

  • Getting a driver's license
  • Casting a vote in an election
  • Helping children with homework
  • Applying for a job