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We regularly recognize a student who has done an extraordinary job.  Here is the current Reading Connections' student in the spotlight:

Learn more about an outstanding student: Tasneem

Tasneem came to the United States as a refugee from Pakistan in June of 2016. She had to leave her country because of religious persecution and experienced many difficult obstacles on her journey to the United States.

Tasneem and Vicki began working together in the spring of 2017. They focused on speaking, writing, listening and reading. Tasneem also joined the sewing program last summer and became employed through HBD! She describes her new job as "a community, a family of people from all over the world." She sews all kinds of bags that go to schools, hospitals and the military.

When asked what are the five things that she has accomplished since being in the United States, Tasneem said, "I got a job. I learned how to drive and I got my driver's license. I have my own car to drive to work. And I just got my green card." She goes on to say, "Reading Connections changed my life and helped me become more independent!" Her tutor, Vicki, is so proud of all that she has achieved in two years and she has learned so much from Tasneem along the way.

Tasneem and Vicki joined us at our Greensboro Literacy Leadership Breakfast and shared Tasneem's journey and amazing accomplishments. Vicki has been volunteering with Reading Connections since 2013 and has been a dedicated and generous tutor who has supported her students with compassion and an unwavering belief in their strength. As you can see from reading a small part of Tasneem's story, she has proved that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible and she has inspired us all along the way. They are an incredible team and we are so grateful that they are a part of Reading Connections.

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