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We regularly recognize a student who has done an extraordinary job.  Here is the current Reading Connections' student in the spotlight:

Learn more about an outstanding student: Eddie

Eddie and his tutor Adele have been working together since October and it seems to be a successful match. Adele shared with us that Eddie is a great student. "He is eager to learn, always polite and on time--flexible too."

One of her favorite memories was when Eddie bought a new welder for his business. He needed to read the manual to make sure he understood everything before using it. "We went through the whole thing," said Adele. "Anything you would like to know about a welder set up and use, I'm your guy."

Eddie works very hard to improve his reading skills. His business keeps him busy so finding time to read is difficult for him, but he is trying. Adele continues to encourage and challenge him. "He knows more than he realizes and surprises me quite often."

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