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We regularly recognize a student who has done an extraordinary job.  Here is the current Reading Connections student in the spotlight:

Learn more about an outstanding student: Deboraha

Deboraha Stafford enrolled with Reading Connections in 2014 with the goal of obtaining her GED® certificate. Since joining the program, Deboraha has spent many hours working with her tutor Veronica Farrell. Passing the first segment of the GED® test inspired her to stay dedicated and keep working. Rarely missing a tutoring session and eager to take in the new information presented to her, Deboraha constantly challenged herself to do better than what she may have done the day before.

ABE Coordinator Blake Hamilton saw Deboraha soon after she took her final segment of the GED® test. He could tell from her demeanor that she had done well. "Deboraha tried to hold on to a subdued enthusiasm, but the beaming smile that radiated from her showed that she finally achieved one her greatest accomplishments through determination and grit." We are proud to report that Deboraha earned her GED® on March 10.

Deboraha continues to set new goals for herself and the Reading Connection's staff continues to encourage and give what support we can as she sets off on a new path. When asked what her best advice is for other students, she responded, "Do your best and don't stress if you don't get it right first time. You have 3 tries to take GED® test. Just continue on no matter what life throws at you. God is by your side and everything happens for a reason."

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