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We regularly recognize a tutor who has done an extraordinary job with their student. Here is the current Reading Connections' tutor in the spotlight:

Tutor Spotlight: Sara Freeman and Jonine Moore


Reading Connections, in partnership with the High Point Public Library, has offered a monthly Basic Computer Skills class for several years now. The free training became so popular, at one time the class had as many as 20 students! Our long time Computer Instructor, Sarah Freeman, needed assistance to keep up with all the students' needs. Both Sarah and Reading Connections were relieved when Jonine Moore joined RC as a co-instructor for the class a few months ago.

Computer illiteracy can create a very large information gap between those that have it at their fingertips, know how to navigate it, and the students who haven't quite learned the skills necessary or lack access. The computer lab at the High Point Public Library, just a mere 40 steps from the Reading Connections offices, allows RC to host the monthly class and gives students in attendance the full 3 hours of computer practice completely free!

Sarah and Jonine enjoy offering the class each month and have ideas to expand and improve the class in the coming months. For now, the class will cover basic parts of the computer, basic terminology needed, introduction to the Internet, setting up and using an email account, and creating documents by introducing students to Microsoft Word and the use of Microsoft templates. Each class builds information to learn at the next class. Patrons are welcome to repeat the course as needed.

Sarah's promise: "[to provide] an inviting and stress free learning environment for any age and for any level of desire to learn."

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