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Volunteer Spotlight: Wendy Gaffney

Wendy Gaffney began volunteering with Reading Connections a few years ago after retiring from teaching. Her experience teaching ESOL classes and her compassion for her students make her an ideal tutor. She teaches multiple groups each week, including on-site classes at Horizon Tool.

Wendy is the kind of tutor that every student hopes for. Her enthusiasm for teaching and her genuine kindness toward her students is inspiring. Tania, a student in her advanced ESOL class agrees, “She has an ability to lead the class with goals and focus. We learn a lot and we also have fun because she has a very good energy.”

Her student Jorge shared that he has greatly improved his English since attending Wendy’s class. He appreciates Wendy’s patience and careful attention to what and how she teaches. Jorge said, “My classmates and I enjoy every English class and we keep improving our knowledge of the language.”

Wendy is not only a teacher to her students, she is a mentor as well. She invited her student Tania to join her at her Horizon Tool class where Tania tutors a beginning level student. She was right beside Tania’s side when she stood in front of a group of volunteers and shared her story.

Tania summed up Wendy’s impact when she said, “Wendy is not just a teacher, she has a fan club.” We agree and we are so thankful for dedicated tutors like Wendy who support our students in reaching their goals.