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Family Literacy Program in Guilford County

Reading Connections offers  a 10-week literacy program to families in Guilford County. Parents, mostly immigrants learning English, hone reading skills while their children separately also practice reading. At the end of each evening session, families take home a copy of the book of the night...
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Workplace Literacy Classes Enhance Productivity

Jonathan spoke very little English when he moved to the United States from Vietnam five years ago. As an employee at Horizon Tool Inc., he struggled to communicate effectively with his supervisors and coworkers. When his employer partnered with Reading Connections this summer to provide...
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Cone Health to Distribute Our Multilingual Children’s Book

As you may have already heard, Reading Connections has published a multilingual children’s book, “Why Ducks Sleep on One Leg.” The book is printed in two languages used by the Montagnard community and English. With the help of David and Deb White of Castlerigg Press,...
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Reading Connections helps open doors with literacy, life skills training

Because of religious persecution, Tasneem Tahira left Pakistan with her brother and his family and came to the United States as a refugee in 2016. Tahira, who spoke only Urdu, left two brothers and three sisters and their families behind in her home country. After...
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Reading Connections looking for volunteers to change lives

Roughly 20% of adults in Guilford County, or 1 in 5, cannot read a children’s book. Another 25% cannot read at the high school level. Tonight in 12 Inspires, WXII 12 News speaks to a local agency working to change that. It’s called Reading Connections. It’s...
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Inside an Adult Basic Ed Group

By Micaela Campbell Experienced tutor Cam Broadnax leads a level two ABE class each Tuesday with her enthusiastic students Esther, Dorothy and Barbara. The class usually reads one or two books per session and completes accompanying activities. Cam is currently preparing her students for their...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Wendy Gaffney

Wendy Gaffney began volunteering with Reading Connections a few years ago after retiring from teaching. Her experience teaching ESOL classes and her compassion for her students make her an ideal tutor. She teaches multiple groups each week, including on-site classes at Horizon Tool. Wendy is...
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A Journey of Faith and Love

In 2017 and 2018 Mireya Martinez and Alvaro Torres became Citizens of the United States of America. Their story, their journey together grounded in faith and love, began almost 30 years earlier and more than 2000 miles from their “new home” in High Point, North...
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